A Place To Call Home

Have you ever been worried to put your loved ones in a home that isn't yours? At Temple View we have been taking care of senior residence for over 20 years.  We have a great staff who is available 24/7 and a home they can call their own. Let us care for your loved ones like we care for our own. Click the button below to schedule a walk through today!

Variety of Activities for our Residents 

We know that staying active and busy is a big part in mental health. That is why we plan new activities each month for our residence to participate in. 

Never Go Hungry 
We have staff who cook breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks provide throughout the day. With a Dietitian on staff we can accommodate for food allergies and special nutrition needs  

Transportation For All Their Needs
No Car, No Problem! We take the residence to appointments, grocery store, salon, activities and anywhere else they may need to go

Small Home and Close Interactions
With a home of only 11 bedrooms our staff and residence get more personalized help and truly become like family.  We have a 5-1 patient to staff ratio.

Get To Know Us

We are so excited to work with your loved one and be a small part of your family. We look forward to working with you soon!

Austin Atkinson - Owner

Austin has a genuine love for the seniors at Temple View and enjoys creating a fun atmosphere at the facility. 

Chelsea Atkinson - Dietitian 

As a licensed  dietitian Chelsea has knowledge and experience with diabetes, obesity, and senior care.  She ensures the meals are of high quality and nutrient dense to support our residents needs.

Diane Van Orden- Manager 

Diane has been the manager at Temple View for seven years. She works closely with each resident, knows their needs and personally develops a relationship with each one.

Our Happy Residents

Resident 1

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Resident 2

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Resident 3

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Have More Questions? 

Don't hesitate to contact us, We would love to answer any question you might have!